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Out of "The Kite", "The Necromancer's Question" and "The Cat's Cortege... guess.

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For those who simply can't get enough of me performing my own poetry, I will occupying a slot at the Demonic Industries at 4.00 pm, Sunday, 15th October.

Demonic Industries is an initiative by some literary-minded folk including my fellow Theatre of Blood alumni Irving Gregory. It stages readings, performances and lectures "...exploring the erotic, exemplum and extraordinary around us." These take place on Sunday evenings at the old Temperance Society hall, 122 Smith Street, Summer Hill, Sydney. Like everything else in the inner city, it has been converted into a quirky bar.

In keeping with the theme, I will be performing "The Kite", "The Cat's Cortege" and "The Necromancer's Question". I may reprise "Tattered Livery" from Conflux 13, if there is time. So come along, and you will also catch "What the Caretaker Saw" by an as yet unknown presenter!

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Next weekend (which lasts from Friday, 29th September to Monday, 2nd October) the thirteenth Conflux speculative fiction convention will take place at the Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport. The theme this year is "Grimm Tales". With guests of honour Ellen Datlow and Angela Slatter, there shall be much discussion of the roots of fairy tales, the uses of enchantment and the meaning of common tropes.

I won't be contributing much to all of that. Instead, I'm on these panels:

Friday, 3.00pm - Use and Abuse of the Tarot

Using the Tarot as a literary device.
"The Rider-Waite versus 007!"

Saturday, 4.00 pm - Poetry Readings 2.0

Poetry for the 21st Century and beyond. An immersive experience of live poetry readings.
"Pick up the thumbscrews and you'll get what you deserve."

Sunday, 1.00pm -  Vampire poetry

The poems, the poets and the muses.
"Lestat's lyrics count as poetry, right?"

So come along: it will be good to see you! I also anticipate much lounging around in the lobby, doing the Creative Indulgence workshop and the Australian Horror Writers Association meet up on Sunday at 6.00 pm in the bar.  It's hay fever season, but with any luck, I won't need to go outside at all!


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