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Not only will I be attending Stokercon this year, I will be speaking on the following panels and have managed to score a reading! Thank you, Lee Murray!

Coming-Of-Age Horror In The Era Of Netflix

6.00 pm, Thursday, May 9,  Berkley Room

"The popularity of Stranger Things, IT, and The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina suggests a resurgence in coming-of-age horror. Our panel explores the fascination with—and the allure of—this sub-genre, from its metaphors about puberty and loss of innocence, to the visceral fears evoked by child endangerment and abuse, to potential opportunities writing fiction in this market."

Moderator Nancy Lambert will guide myself and Tom Deady through this conceptual minefield.

Reading Block 5

9.00 am, Friday, May 10, Winchester Room

I will be joined by the excellent Kathleen Kaufman and Ken MacGregor--did they organise this alphabetically?


Exit, Stage Death

3.00 pm, Friday, May 10, Grand View Room A

"Theater brings a proximity to the audience that movies simply cannot replicate. The recent success of Hamilton shows that people still crave live interaction. Even Guest of Honor Josh Malerman chose to contribute a stage play for the souvenir book. Horror theater is alive and well! Panelists will discuss the history, theory, and practice of putting elements designed to cause fear on the stage, as well as the challenges of adaptation, practical tips on how to write scary for the stage, and how to confront the challenges of writing plays for audiences raised on cinema and television."

Moderator Ken Wetmore will hopefully prevent April Grey, Brad Hodson and myself from taking this too far.

Twisted Tropes – Making the Common Uncommon

4.00 pm, Saturday, May 11, Grand View Room B - C


"Tropes in horror writing are recognizable: vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts. Most get in the way of good stories. This panel will discuss past successes at twisting these tropes into something fresh and explore how you can create your own unique approach to tropes."

With Megan Arcuri, Michael Arnzen, John Kachuba and Stephen Jones, as well as me, Rob E. Boley will have his hands full moderating this!

I can also probably be found stalking GoH Kaaron Warren, wandering dazedly in the Dealer's Room and killing it at the Open Mike Poetry session. Now, if you'll forgive me, I have to get back to watching the second season of Sabrina.

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For those who simply can't get enough of me performing my own poetry, I will occupying a slot at the Demonic Industries at 4.00 pm, Sunday, 15th October.

Demonic Industries is an initiative by some literary-minded folk including my fellow Theatre of Blood alumni Irving Gregory. It stages readings, performances and lectures "...exploring the erotic, exemplum and extraordinary around us." These take place on Sunday evenings at the old Temperance Society hall, 122 Smith Street, Summer Hill, Sydney. Like everything else in the inner city, it has been converted into a quirky bar.

In keeping with the theme, I will be performing "The Kite", "The Cat's Cortege" and "The Necromancer's Question". I may reprise "Tattered Livery" from Conflux 13, if there is time. So come along, and you will also catch "What the Caretaker Saw" by an as yet unknown presenter!


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