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"Barely forty-eight hours ago, the renowned Egyptologist Sir Stanley Pendulous was discovered dead in his study. The attending doctor certified death by heart attack but many people, including Sir Stanley, were unconvinced. His Will dictates that a séance be held, in order to determine whether he too is a victim of the infamous Curse.

Talk of a curse began shortly after Stanley's hasty return, three years ago, from a dig in the ruins of Cynopolis, near the town of el Kays in Upper Egypt. Excavation of the hitherto unknown tomb of a High Priest of Anubis was terminated by the death of his partner and son-in-law, Doctor Martin Snide, together with the expedition photographer. These deaths were said to have been occasioned by the collapse of the tomb roof in an unseasonable sandstorm. Most of the excavation records were lost, but Stanley was nonetheless able to retrieve a number of objects: a rich but empty sarcophagus, a valuable necklace, and most spectacular of all, the black sapphire that has come to be known as the Eye of Anubis. These items have remained in Stanley's keeping ever since.

Mrs Amber Valence, a medium patronised by some of the most respectable families in London society, has been engaged, and will be gazing into the Eye itself. Guests may also pay their final respects to Sir Stanley, who lies in state in the sarcophagus he retrieved. Invitations have been issued to family and friends, relevant dignitaries, members of the occult fraternity, and a number of Stanley's professional colleagues. In deference to the sad occasion, guests are asked to come in mourning or formal attire, and above all else, not to speak to the press."


For the first time in more years than I wish to calculate, I am running a game at Sydcon. The game is a brand new freeform, titled The Eye of Anubis. As registration has now opened, below the cut you shall find the list of characters. I am taking advance reservations in order to facilitate costuming, though all reservations are provisional, pending confirmation of your place in the game.

Dramatis Personae

Mrs Lotus Aurelia Snide – only child of Sir Stanley and widow of his partner Martin.

Miss Calendula Rankles – Lotus's Aunt, and secretary of the Biblical Historical Society.

"Teddy" Edward Whystful – doctoral student and Sir Stanley's assistant in residence.

Ispy bin Alla' long - daughter of a Berber chieftain, brought to England by Sir Stanley.

Major "Rattles" Randolph Saberton - ex-Cairo battalion and family friend.

Periander Sly, Esq. - of Sly & Morbid, solicitors. Family lawyer.

Dr. Rupert Moulder – of the British Museum. Professional acquaintance of Sir Stanley.

Lord Sebastian Lestrange – newly-appointed British Ambassador to Egypt.

Lady Lacrima Lestrange – Sebastian's wife, known to be of nervous disposition.

Docteur Mavin Egotiste - representative of the Louvre. A polymath prone to bizarre behaviour.

Doktor Unger Gottengrudge - Austrian Egyptologist and representative of the Kunsthistorisches.

Fraulein Heidi Sigrid - Herr Doktor's assistant and niece.

Mr. Henry M. Obeid - representative of the Cairo Museum.

Mr. Rhandi el Raisa - Oxford-educated son of a Sheik. Reputed to be thoroughly disreputable.

Miss Charmaine Gladhandler – actress, accompanying el Raisa.

Madam Anastasia Olibanum – society medium, rival to Mrs Valence.

Mr. Indra Thikovit - Anastasia's Indian manager, with his own reputation for faith healing.

Mr. Blythe Hippocrene - poet known for his oriental fancies and outrageous opinions.

Mr. "Boneless" Blaine Skinner – American stage magician, known for unmasking occult frauds.

Miss Damietta Goodshotte – notorious British traveller and adventuress.


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